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   studied at the mgi münchen
 jazzguitar master class with michael sagmeister
 studied and graduated from the musikhochschule mannheim (mannheim music acadamy)
   specialized in jazz and popularmusic
 member of the landesjugendjazzorchester baden-württemberg (state jazz youth orchestra) 1993, 1994
 teacher at the musikschule reutlingen (reutlinger music school) from 1992- 2000
 winner of the european jazz competition in leverkusen 1997
 1998 formation of “netzer” and album release in 1999
 1999 formation of “orbit.experience” | gigs in germany and russia
 2000 album release of “orbit.experience” in russia with gigs in moscow
 spring 2000 mtv-unplugged with “die fantastischen vier”
 2000 album release and tour with “orbit.experience” (album:space.beat)
 various radio and television contracts working as both composer and musician
   (including ard television series)
 composer and musician for the staatstheater stuttgart
 founding of “pakt” with orbit.experience and the “stuttgarter kammerorchester” (stuttgart chamber orchestra)
 band member of “die fantastischen vier” since 2000 | mtv-unplugged 2000 (gold and platinum in germany)
 member of “marque” since 2000 | numerous concerts in germany and abroad, cd-productions
   amadeus award (best national artists 2002)
 2002 toured with “orbit.experience” and “marque”
 2002 formation of “leotokyo” with the singer matt boroff from new york
 2002 formation of “locut” | a live remixing duo with little konzett, austria
 2003 toured with “die fantastischen vier” and “marque”
 member of the “sarah brightman” tour band | harem world tour 2003/2004
 teacher at the berufsfachschule krumbach
 toured with “die fantastischen vier” in 2004
 toured with “die fantastischen vier” in 2005
 toured with “die fantastischen vier” in 2007
 2007 formation of “everything but giants
 toured with “die fantastischen vier” in 2008
 worked with mercedes benz (dtm and formula 1) in 2008
 toured with “everything but giants in 2009

  © 2005 roland rausch